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Buddhist Cultural Tour - 8 Days

Buddhist Cultural Tour

First Environmental Trekking P. Ltd. has been organizing Buddhist Cultural Tour since its establishment. Buddhist Cultural Tour helps you to explore the history of the Lord Buddha. You will visit the birthplace of the lord Buddha as well as some Buddhist praying stupas.

Nepal is the birthplace of Sakhya Muni Buddha, one of the five Buddhas of the Buddhist religion. He was born as Prince Siddhartha Gautama, in the sixth century on the kingdom of Kosala to king Suddhodana & Queen Mayadevi. The kingdom of Kosala is modern day known as Lumbini, Kapilvastu situated in Nepal. Gautam Buddha was born as a Kshatriya (warrior clan) Prince but gave it all up to seek enlightment for all beings. Gautama Buddha is now the primary figure for all the people following Buddhism as well as for all other people who follow other religion and his teachings & preachings are regarded holy by all people. His teachings which were firstly transmitted orally to the following generations have now been inscribed and translated in possibly every language of the world. So, being a birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini is considered the most holy site in Buddhist religion. Every year millions of people visit this site to see the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Ashok Stupa & different monasteries.

Places to see in Lumbini:

  • Markstone (the exact Birthplace) of Lord Buddha
  • Maya Devi temple
  • Ashoka Pillar
  • The Sacred Garden
  • The International Monasteries Area
  • Eternal burning Flame
  • The Lumbini Grove
  • Devdaha ruins (Remains of capital of the Ancient kingdom of Kosala)
Things to do in Lumbini:
  • Experience the peaceful, mind settling area of the birthplace of Lord Buddha & visit the holy sites
  • Explore the beautiful as well as majestic monasteries set up by different Buddhist countries & sects of
  • Buddhist religion
  • Visit the Lumbini Museum and explore some antiques from the period
  • Take a meditation class in one of the mediation center run by Buddhist monks
  • Explore the local culture by visiting the local villages with a bicycle
***We have different iteneraries for this Buddhist cultural heritage tour of Nepal depending upon the time availability.***

Day 1
Day 1

Arrival in Nepal. Pick up by our guide at the Tribhuwan international airport & drive to the Hotel. Take a rest for the day.

Day 2
Day 2

Take a spiritual sightseeing tour to Boudhanath, Swayambhunath and Kapan Monasteries which are some of the most holy places in Buddhist religion in Nepal (Also included in the UNESCO world heritage sites). In the evening take part & see a Buddhist prayer in a monastery.

Day 3
Day 3

Drive to Lumbini. The 205 km drive usually takes 8 hours. Take a rest in our hotel.

Day 4
Day 4

Visit the Mayadevi Temple area (on a bicycle or a jeep) & witness the peaceful surrounding. You can see the exact birthstone of Lord Buddha (believed to be the exact birth spot of Lord Buddha). Visit the Ashok stupa as well as the eternal burning flame. This sightseeing is guaranteed to settle down your mind with the peaceful and calm surrounding of the area. Return back to Hotel.

Day 5
Day 5

Take a tour to the majestic monasteries set up by different countries. Explore the devotion of Buddhist religion and experience a peaceful surrounding. Also visit the Lumbini museum where you can go through the past with some of the antiques from the ancient period of Lumbini.

Day 6
Day 6

Take a tour and involve in to experience a meditation class in one of the meditation center run by the Buddhist monks. There are plenty of meditation centers inside the area which offers you the service.

Day 7
Day 7

Have a breakfast. You take your day tour to explore the local village (either on a bicycle or jeep). You will witness the local culture & heritage of the community so deeply enrooted with the sub Indian & Nepalese Buddhist culture.

Day 8
Day 8

Drive back to Kathmandu.

Cost Includes

  • Airport pickup & Drop-off service
  • Tour Guide
  • Meditation class at Lumbini with the Buddhist monks
  • All surface transportation by Bus.
  • Kathmandu sightseeing tour by car.

Cost Excludes

  • All hotel accommodation
  • All entrance costs (Lumbini Heritage site), Swayambhunath, Boudhanath as well as other Monasteries in Lumbini & Kathmandu
  • Tips & any beverages cost(except in Breakfast)
  • Any donations made to the monasteries
  • Personal nature expenses
Price From USD$145/person
Total $ 145 USD

Trip Facts

  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu

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